Two best friends sat on top of a hill.

It was time to say goodbye.They swore they'd be best friends forever. Nothing more, nothing less. They wrote their promises on separate papers and swore they would read each others on one of their wedding day.

The girl wrote : I can't promise that I won't fall in love with you because i did.I can't promise that we'd only be best friends because i want us to be more. I can't promise i'll walk down the aisle with someone else because i want to be your bride...

The guy wrote : I promise I won't fall in love with you. I promise we'd only be best friends, nothing more. I promise i'll walk down the aisle with someone else as my bride...

10 years later and it was the girl's wedding day. The car just arrived at the church. Everyone was waiting for her to come out but she was reading a certain letter. She sighed and cried softly.

She walked down the aisle and arrived at the altar. She linked her hand with her groom and cried softly. She was getting married to the man of her dreams. Her best friend.

" Are you ok? " The groom asked.

" I just read your promise letter. " The girl said.

" You like it? " He asked softly.

" I love it ! " The girl smiled.

TRUTH: Right at the bottom of the boy's letter was a small message.

" These are the promises I know I'll break. I love you. "

Anna Izzat selesai menaip untuk tatapan mata anda :)

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